What’s Data-Driven Marketing? Why it’s important for sale growth?

Data-driven Marketing

Data is very important for Marketing. By using data analytics, business can deploy targeted campaigns for specific market groups, organizations can potentially increase awareness among the right individuals of their products and services. The acquisition of data continues to grow and proper utilization of the analyzed information can significantly impact marketing efforts.


Fortunately, digital transformation has brought the powerful magic for data marketing world. And it’s also lead us to this article. We’ll help you to understand thoroughly about the definition of Data Driven and why it’s really necessary for e-commerce business.

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1. What is Data Driven?

From Wikipedia. We have the word “Data driven” which refers to a process or activity that is spurred on by data. As opposed to being driven by mere intuition or personal experience. In other words the decision is made with hard empirical evidence and not speculation or gut feel. The term is used in many fields, but most commonly in the field of technology and business.

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2. What is Data Driven Marketing?

Data driven marketing is a form of digital marketing. It’s a process by which marketers gain insights and trends based on in-depth analysis informed by numbers. (From Wikipedia)

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Data-driven marketing refers to strategies built on insights pulled from the analysis of big data, collected through consumer interactions and engagements, to form predictions about future behaviors.

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3. Data-Driven Process Modeling

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The process of Data Driven generally involves understanding data already present, data that can be acquired, and how to organize, analyze, and apply that data to better marketing efforts (by analytic tools). 

4. The intended goal of Data Driven Marketing

The intended goal of Data Driven is to enhance and personalize the customer experience. It also help marketers approach audience with a targetted campaign and increase the chances of their conversion  to customers. Marketers can now understand customer behavior and make informed decisions based on the data.

5. Why Data-Driven Marketing is Important?

By using and activating data (either in an automated or semi-automated manner) will bring a significantly more optimized media and creative strategy. Therefore marketing strategy is more personalized. And then it can lead to considerable ROIs for marketers.

The benefits of data-driven marketing can understand through its process.

6. What data will be collected, when and how?

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Collecting customer data helps you know each customer more individually. Look at the image beside, you could see what kind of customers data should be collected. Generally, marketers will concentrate on 3 kinds of data.

  • Customer service data.

  • Customer satisfaction data.

  • Data usage and behavior.

Collecting customer data helps you know each customer more individually. Look at the image beside, you could see what kind of customers data should be collected. Generally, marketers will concentrate on 3 kinds of data.

Customer service data.Customer satisfaction data.Data usage and behavior.

7. Why Data Driven Marketing is important?

7.1. The benefits of data-driven marketing

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Customer data encourages you illustrate who your objective client is and how to best speak with, promote and market to. When you know your optimal client better and truly comprehend their requirements and needs, you can more readily create offers to tempt them, which ought to thusly help deals. Three benefits of Data-Driven:

  • More effective media buying.

  • Focusing on the correct customers.

  • Messaging audiences with relevant messages.

7.2. Why Data Driven Marketing is important?

Data is very important for marketers to monitor customers commitment which will in the end enable them to offer their products and services in the most beneficial way. These are 3 reasons why Data-Driven Marketing is so Important.

7.2.1. Help the Marketers Determine the key points of the user journey

Data driven is key to this procedure of enhancing the purchasing procedure. It also help to guide customers successfully through the sales channel. Marketers need to know what is the best way to reach these customers. The main objective is to trim down the time taken to turn a lead into a customer.

7.2.2. Better Audience Insight

Right message to the right people on the right time is only possible when it is designed by data. 

Data can tell you the demography, geography, affinity and in-market segments of different audience cluster to plan a precise communication strategy. Knowing your customer is the fundamental aspect of building any success marketing strategy.

7.2.3. Personalization and customer experience

In this competitive market, hosting customers with right experience is a challenge. Collating the buyer’s persona and pre-empting a tailor made campaign or site merchandising for the users converts them into a return and loyal consumer. 

8. Conclusion

Data driven marketing is definitely a winning strategy for the business. But the success of this strategy relies on the attitude of the organization two. If you want to find out how data can help you boost your marketing strategies. Please contact us for further advice by commenting below the article.

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