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Agencies usually sort out their own websites because of being too busy working on customer’s digital products. But it’s very important in both designing a website for a client or for your own brand. The more professional your media agency website is, the more your client can be impressed. In this article, our team will bring top company websites that in good eye-catching. All these media agency website can inspired you if you’re looking for building a new website for your own business.

Let’s go!


1. Top Company website that inspired you

1.1. Ogilvy


Ogilvy is one of top digital marketing brands in Vietnam with creative website. Their full-size logo and images floating on header make the website don’t look too much of the typography. On the other hand, high quality illustrations help customers feel warm and they stand out from other brands.


Full quality video help them show up their long history and strong experience in many industries.

1.2 Lion and Lion Data Driven Agency

Lion and lion is an integrated digital agency that helps clients with strategic and impactful marketing.

Lion and Lion Data Driven Agency
Lion and Lion Data Driven Agency-2

They offer everything that clients need under one roof – more synergy, less complexity. You can see more about their services in the images below. Their website also have creative slides of their projects, too, capturing their achievement.

1.3 MTD Creative

Simple with red background and easily for customers to request quotation and keep in touch with MTD team.

MTD Creative-1

They have done so well in making you want to explore the website content. The slide with high quality help the website look friendly and be a smart interface.


1.4 Sagmeister & Walsh

The interesting point of this media agency website is you can easily visit their office online through their homepage. Correctly, you can check their camera by live video from the agency’s offices.

Sagmeister & Walsh-1

They focus on minimalism so the website was design main in black and white. You can easily find out what are you looking for by smart navigation bar which was put permanently on the top.

Sagmeister & Walsh-2

About Sagmeister & Walsh is a creative agency based in New York City. They offer social strategy & content creation, commercials, websites, apps, books, environments, and more.

1.5 Iris Data Driven Digital Agency

Iris is the leading Data-driven Digital Marketing Agency in Vietnam. We work with clients to deliver digital solutions – whether that’s marketing, development or strategy – through the analysis of data and the execution of insights.

Iris Data Driven Digital Agency-1

Follow the trend of “back to basic”, their website only show up short words about their history and their services. The website keep communicating with user by high quality content. If you don’t know which concept can fit your business voice, maybe you need to focus on minimalism.

2. The ben​efit of professional website for your brands

Owning an eye-catching and professional website not only help your business stand out amongst your competition but also help you to retain old clients. There are many benefits that you can get from professional website, but you can explore some below:Owning an eye-catching and professional website not only help your business stand out amongst your competition but also help you to retain old clients. There are many benefits that you can get from professional website, but you can explore some below:

2.1 Make a lasting impressions

When meeting someone or potential customers, you’ll thinking about how to making the best possible first impression. And website is the same. Your website is your business home, where customer can come over, and if they feel interesting or convincing they will keep in touch with you. 

lasting impressions

An unprofessional website design can let your business make worse impression with clients. And in normal there have no reason for them to come back with your business. They will move forward you and finding someone else better.

2.2 Top SEO (Search Engine Ranking)

Top SEO (Search Engine Ranking)

One of the most important reason for business to build website is the search result on Google Engine. When people are searching for a product or services, they can see your business or not depend on your SEO works has been done good or not. 

If your website do a good SEO job, with best and updated content, and good SEO technical, your website can more reach to customers. Having a high ranking in search engine is one of the best methods to gain new clients.

2.3 Generate More Revenue

Generate More Revenue

A professional website design will help you look more considently and create more activity. People essentially are attracted to interesting things and this is the same in design world. This is the reason it is important to employ an expert structure firm with the end goal to augment the capability of your web composition and adequacy.

The final words

These are top company websites that maybe help you find out something interested for your own website. But always remember that any media agency website should be as professional as possible, because it’ll help you to keep customers.

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