Top 20 SEO Company Rankings of 2020

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In Industry 4.0, investing in SEO is not only a necessary task but also an imperative task if the business wants customers to find their website. However, finding or choosing an SEO company can be challenging for business. Today’s article Castillos Hinchables will list the top 20 SEO companies in 2020, The business can use this list to find the best SEO service provider or an appropriate SEO company. The top SEO companies from Vietnam are identified by evaluating customer feedback, and the quality of services offered.

Top 20 SEO Company Rankings of 2020

The list below is arranged randomly without any order, so the business should not care about the order of this list. 

1. Graphicwise, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Graphicwise expanded its market in Vietnam, providing main services including Branding and Marketing. Regarding Marketing, Graphicwise focuses on services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) with a minimum project size of $10,000. Besides, the key clients are Chef Robert Irvine, SoulScale, USPS, Nestle Foods, NBC, Fox Sports, Konica Minolta, Clarion, Jenny Craig. Consumer products & services; Arts, entertainment & music; Business services are the industry that Graphicwise focuses on.

2. Iris Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency

Iris Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency specializes in providing unique SEO Marketing solutions to customers, with an experienced and professional team. Above all, Iris focuses on services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Strategy, Pay Per Click (PPC) with a minimum project size of $5.000. Iris is experienced in such fields as Health Care & Medical, Hospitality & leisure, Consumer products & services. In case businesses find Iris suitable for the profession, working together to create unique Digital solutions.

3. On Digitals

Established in 2019, On Digitals is a digital marketing agency based in Vietnam. Their digital marketing services include SEO, PPC, and technology design with a minimum project size of $1.000. In addition, On Digitals focuses on the mid-range customer segment ($10M – $1B), similar to the 2 agencies mentioned above.

4. Vnited.Co

Founded in 2017, Vnited associates the expertise of local teams with the maturity of international managers in Marketing, Design & Development. In the line service, Vnited focuses on Digital Strategy, SEO and Website design with major experience in areas such as eCommerce, Hospitality & leisure. The main customer segment is a small business (<$10M) with a minimum project size of $1.000.


SEONGON specializes in consulting and implementing practical digital marketing campaigns, established in 2011. Moreover, the major client segment is Enterprise (>$1B) and Midmarket ($10M – $1B) with a minimum project size of $1.000. This SEO company focuses primarily on the Advertising & marketing industry. Some typical customers that have used SEONGON’s services are Owen, Viettel Store, VinCity, Vietnam Airlines, BIDV, Kangnam Beauty Salon.


GTV stands for 3 words Genius Team Vision, which was founded in 2016. The main service that GTV provides including Search Engine Optimization Service and Inbound Marketing Service. Besides, Unique features of GTV are the Customized SEO Strategy for the business, Transparent report, and White hat SEO with Entity Building Technique. The major client segment is the midmarket ($10M – $1B) with a minimum budget of $ 10,000. And the industry that GTV focuses on is Financial services, E-commerce services, and Consumer products & services with some typical customers such as Bamboo Airways, Cat Tuong Corp, Giant International.

7. Ultimate Index

Founded in early 2019, Ultimate Index Join Stock Company provides SEO and web development services to startups, small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises. Besides, the customer segment that Ultimate Index focuses on is the mid-range segment with the main industries being Business Services, Media & Entertainment, Education.

8. SEO Nam Nguyen 

SEO Nam Nguyen is an agency specializing in providing professional SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City, founded in 2017. Their strength is the Search Engine Optimization service with a minimum budget of $ 1,000. Besides, they focus on industries such as Business Services, Financial Services, Health Care & Medical.

9. Primal

Primal is a leading digital marketing agency based in Vietnam and Thailand, providing quality branding services and strategies. Established in 2015, Primal specializes in providing Search Engine Optimization, Digital Strategy, and Social Media Marketing for small business (<$10M) and mid-market customers ($10M – $1B). And the industry that Primal focuses on is Advertising & marketing with a minimum project size of $5.000.

 10. MangoAds 

MangoAds is an advertising company that performs global standard jobs, founded in 2015. Moreover, the service that MangoAds focuses on is Web Development, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. And the minimum project scale that MangoAds executes is $ 5,000.

 11. Markdao Agency Vietnam

Established in 2006, Markdao Agency Vietnam is a 100% foreign-owned subsidiary of France’s Serdao Group. Besides, they specialize in supplying graphic design services, SEO web design, social media planning, and SEO/SEM services with the customer segment is a small business and mid-range market. The industry that Markdao focuses on is Consumer products & services, Automotive, and Business services with a minimum project size of $1.000.

 12. Ban Tay So Solutions 

Founded in 2009, Ban Tay So Solutions offers mainstream services: IT outsourcing, software & website development, mobile applications, games, online marketing. In particular, Mobile App Development, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development account for the majority with a minimum project size of $5.000. 

 13. Aun Vietnam Co. Ltd.

AUN Vietnam is a subsidiary of AUN Group – headquartered in Tokyo was established in 1998. In 2002, they provided SEO services (search engine optimization) and started providing PPC services (product chain advertising ( listing ads)). In addition, the minimum project scale that AUN executes is $ 5,000.

 14.  AVS Cyber

Founded in 2019, AVS Cyber ​​is an American design and branding company with branches in Ho Chi Minh City. The client segment that AVS Cyber focuses on is Small business(<$10M) with a minimum project size of $5.000. In the service line, Search Engine Optimization accounts for 30% and Web Development accounts for 30% of the total service percentage. Furthermore, the industry that AVS Cyber focuses on is Advertising & marketing, eCommerce, Media.

 15. 3FORCOM 

Founded in 2008, 3FORCOM is a software company, specialized in mobile and internet services, including SME’s applications, mobile consumers applications, e-commercial solutions, and business websites. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization, UX / UI Design, Web development, and Mobile application development are key services of 3FORCOM with a minimum project size of $5.000.

16. Viet Tien Manh Group

Established in 2010, Viet Tien Manh Group is well known in the areas of online advertising, technology, asset management, and human resources.
Importantly, they specialized in offering services such as SEO, Web design, Social Media Marketing, Advertising and Digital Strategy with a minimum project size of $5.000. Some customers who have used Viet Tien Manh Group’s services are Dat Xanh Group, OCB, Agribank, TCL, OPPO, SHB, EVN Finance.

 17. Think! Digital

Founded in 2015, Think Digital specialized in providing Digital Marketing solutions for business. Therefore, they offer Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Pay Per Click(PPC), and Social Media Marketing with a minimum project size of $1.000. Some of their main customers are Acer, Crescent Mall, Kumho Tire, Hitachi. Some of their main customers are Acer, Crescent Mall, Kumho Tire, Hitachi – these customers appreciate Think Digital’s service.

 18. MyWork

MyWork builds professional, effective websites for traders, individuals, small and medium businesses. Established in 2009, MyWork provides quality service such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web design, Branding and Logo for a minimum project size of $5.000.
In addition, MyWork focuses on industries such as Consumer Products & Services, Business Services, and Real Estate with the concept of affordable website design no longer means of poor quality.

 19. Time Universal Communications

Time Universal Communications is a Digital Agency offering Digital Marketing, Digital PR, Website Development, Creative and Interactive Services, founded in 2014. Their team has talented professionals in IT, Marketing & PR, Design and Digital, who can come up with unique solutions. In addition, their works are based on 3C rule: Creative, Clean and Clear with impressive partners such as Vingroup, AEON, Honda, Doji, Microsoft, …

 20. Red Brand Builders

Red Brand Builders was founded in 2003 as an integrated marketing and branding consultancy agency. The major services that CBI supplies are SEO, Social Media Marketing, Branding and Web Design for clients with a project scale of $ 1,000 or more. Importantly, they build long-term relationships with customers by the motto of sincerely listening, understanding and keeping promises.


The above article has introduced 20 brands providing quality SEO services for reference businesses, each brand has unique strengths for each industry. However, there are any difficulties when choosing an SEO agency, please contact Iris Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency via hotline 0888 239 444 or leave your information in the comment below. Certainly, our SEO consultant team will contact you as soon as possible.