The meaning of website design. Best web design company in Vietnam

Website Development

Website is the important factor that can help you interact with customers online. If your business want to operate on the digital world, you should remember that your website is your business's virtual house. When you're looking for an website design company that can also deliver SEO, graphic design, content and digital marketing, you meet the right web design agency. Today, we will introduce to you a concept of website design and what you need to know if you want to choose the right website design company.


1. What is Website Design?

The concept of website design is very broad. It can include the way it looks, content, photographics and the way it works. 

Process of website design

Website design process can be different by business you’re working from or the niche of your industries. But normally, web design process usually have 6 steps:

  1. Planning

  2. Gather content

  3. Plan structure

  4. Design

  5. Testing

  6. Live

You can see it clearly at the image below.


2. What advantage your online business can get from an Professional Web Design?

Professional website design helps to make your business appear credible online. There’re some advantages that your business can get from professional website company:

  • Satisfy customers. Your website can satisfy customers by telling them quickly what want to know when they’re online without contact you correctly. But you need to make sure that the navigation of your website is design predictable, consistent and easy to understand.

  • Easier to find on search results. This also mean that your website is good at attracting search engines. This relate to SEO work, and you can find out it here.

  • By approaching customers and attracting search engines, good website design project can serves an important dual purpose that has a great impact on your business online sales.

3. The best website design company & Digital Marketing

Any website design company will offer you the best when you come up with web design projects. Every web design agency will provide services that help your brand increase online visibility and sales volume through e-commerce website. Therefore website is very important for your business to keep customer understand brand voice and becoming loyal customers. 

3.1. Iris Agency - Website design, E-commerce, SEO web design company

As a best data driven digital marketing agency and web design agency, we help you grow your business, launching an expert marketing strategy to get valuable insight about your customers.


Iris in-house team members collaborate across digital marketing specialties to produce best results. Let us build website for your brand that will take advantage of all the latest internet technology, explode your online presence with available SEO program, and or maximize your ROI with our SEM experts.

4. The Best Web Design Company in Vietnam

All of these web design agency have shown exceptional abilities in terms of results, client cooperation, and other criteria of website design. Check out the best of the best right here!

4.1. Thiet ke web - Trustvn

trust-vn-web-design is proud of 10 years of cooperation with more than 2300 domestic and foreign customers. Their services include supplying domain and hosting, email marketing, web maintenance, graphic design ect.

Trustvn has operated for 13 years. You can contact with through their website.

4.2. Sky Vietnam

Sky Vietnam is the leading provider of IT services and digital marketing solutions in Vietnam. 


Sky Vietnam develops with the orientation to bring to customers website development services, online marketing, domain name email, domain name, modern technology to enhance competitiveness, affirm the position in the market.

Their services including website design, Google Ads, SEO services, Digital Marketing, Hosting, Domain and somethings more. You can reach them easily by search their company name on Google.

4.3. Creative Vietnam

Creative Vietnam is high quality website design agency with 8 years experience in web design.


 Website design services in accordance with SEO standards are highly appreciated by domestic and foreign businesses. You can find out how they can help your business through their main website.

4.4. Webico

WEBICO is the leading company in professional web design. They also offer Internet communication solutions and digital Marketing services.


With many years of experience and past successes, we are confident that we will have the best possible products and solutions.

Their main highlight services are SEO, professional website design, mobile marketing, email marketing, PPC and content strategy.


The final words, website is the face of any business when it comes to the digital world. Therefore, how website is designed can be a wise way to help your business earn customers’ awareness and differentiate with other ones. If you have demands, meet with our team for supporting and consulting is always a good ideas. You can easily get in touch with Iris website design agency team by comment in the form below, or call us now via our hotline 0888 239 444.