How to find the best SEO Web Design Company

Website Development

Building a good SEO webiste can help you have a good ranking in highly-competitive verticals in your industry. So finding a best SEO web design company become more important for every business. Today, I'll introduce to you how to find a website design companyin the search engine results pages (SERPs).


1. Identify Top Searched Keywords

In this step, you have to use tools Google Keyword Tool (or Free Keyword Tool according to you). Begin by searching a certain result, like "web design course" and "seo web design jobs" and "website design tools free", as long as itn't relevant to what we're looking for (in our case, our keywords is "web design company").

Then you'll have your 20 most searched Web design-related keywords:


2. Run Individual Queries for Top Keywords

After having the list of 20 most searched keywords, running those queries in Google and saved the top 100 results in a CSV file.

Actually, you can also do this by yourself. And you need to install the SEO for Firefox plugin. Then run your query, hit the "100" button and click "CSV."


3.  Determine Domain Frequency

Ranking is a way to measure efective SEO. The more frequently your site displays for popular keywords, the better you're doing with your SEO job.

4. Conclusion

I hope my process can help you find out a good web design company. Don't forget to leave your comment below this post if you find some seo web design company in Vietnam that stand out from another.