How to create a company logo design online free?

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A logo not just simple like an image or symbol; it is a point of recognition for customers and an important foundation for the branding of your business. It often helps customers form an opinion about a company within seconds. Your business Chateau Gonflable has become professional, trustworthy and provides quality goods or services in mind customer if you have a well-designed logo, it is an easy way to convey to potential customers.

Although the cost of logo design is a bit expensive, your company can create a free logo with some websites online. You can freely create, edit and download your design without too much expense.
Some offer the websites free while others feature free logo downloads as well. Keep a look at the list of apps below whether it fits your needs.

 1. Logoshi

You can have a new company logo design for your website with Logoshi’s fast and easy-to-use logo maker. You just answer some simple questions and Logoshi will automatically create a logo for you. The logo templates are created quite beautifully, you only take a few seconds to have a lot of logo designs for you to choose.

Website interface of Logoshi

Besides, you can custom font, colour, text,… for your company logo design and download source files very simply.

2. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design can make creating your company logo easy. Just simply type in your company name, choose from different categories and the application will preview several free logo templates. You can create your own custom changes to size, shapes, colour, and fonts, then you can download your logo for free. If you want to invest in your design a bit, your logo can be downloaded a high-resolution version for $59.

Website interface of Free Logo Design

3. Canva

Canva has provided the free design market for a while now, offering free and paid templates for social media images, flyers, company logos, business cards, and more. In their lineup of templates have a large variety of free and paid logo options. Start with one of their free templates, and then change the text, size, colours, fonts, and more to match your brand.

Download your design as a PNG, JPG, or PDF and use Canva to create letterheads, business cards, and more using your free logo.

Website interface of Canva

 4. Online Logo Maker

Like other logo makers on the list, Online Logo Maker features a variety of texts or symbols to choose from in multiple categories. It’s fast and simple for starting your logo design journey with the font of templates and font selections. Choose from their pre-designed symbols in diverse categories, or upload your own image.

Website interface of Online Logo Maker

With a free account, you can save your company logo design and come back to it later. Enjoy unlimited downloads so you can tweak your design any time you want. Online Logo Maker has offers both a free and premium service.

 5. Graphic Springs

Graphic Spring features a similar interface to Online Logo Maker’s free logo generator. Filling in your business name and tagline, choose your image category, pick your company logo, and edit it. Filter your logo options through new or popular logos.

Website interface of Graphic Springs

If you want more creative freedom with your company logo design, start with the shapes, symbols, and text or use them to give your logo a bit of decor. Although the application is free to use, it costs $19.99 to download your final design as a PNG, SVG, or JPG. However, this comes with unlimited downloads and edits if you choose to make a change in the future.


A well-designed logo not only brings the professional and reliability for your brand but also makes your products/services look more high quality and easy to come in customers’ minds.

Through some suggest free logo design tools above, we hope you can make your own satisfactory logo. In case you have any problems with a logo design project or need consulting in digital marketing solutions, please contact Iris Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency via hotline 0888 239 444 or leave your information in the comment below. Our consultant team will contact you as soon as possible.