Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital marketing strategy services are the most important of Iris's service. We know strategy is the key point to drive business result.
In short, we create detailed strategy, marketing channels distribution, promotions, KPIs & measurement through data analysis. Iris have dedicated account management, report tools & resource to manage the campaign better.

How do we work on digital marketing strategy consulting services?

Iris develops a digital marketing strategy based on 8 steps of process planning:

  • 1
    CLIENT BRIEF: Defining the client's objective and KPIs
  • 2
    RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS: Collecting and analyzing data to develop audience insight and segmentation, customer experiences
  • 3
    PLAN: Creating digital marketing strategy based on client's objective, KPIs and data analysis.
  • 4
    REACH: Selecting the right digital marketing channels to  grow audience online.
  • 5
    ACT: Optimizing your digital campaign that creates brand interactions and leads registration.
  • 6
    CONVERT: Increasing conversion rate of online and offline sales through optimization
  • 7
    ENGAGE:  Developing customer loyalty and advocacy through CRM platforms.
  • 8
    HR & RESOURCES: Dedicated account management team to work closely with clients and provide tools to manage the campaign better.
Digital marketing strategy consulting services